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Look at your organizational elements with a lens of belonging. Areas covered in this section include

  • Board Learning and Recruitment
  • Collection Development
  • Evaluation of Programs and Servies
  • Facilities
  • Outreach
  • Policies- External and Internal
  • Programming
  • Professional Development / Staff Learning
  • Purchasing / Vendor Relations


Why it Matters

While the foundation of libraries is to be open for everyone, some of the language used, older policies, outreach, and recruiting efforts may be putting barriers in the way of everyone truly feeling welcomed. Reviewing current structures as an organization is a good practice as your community is always changing.  Changes made at the organizational level keep the library as a relevant entity that develops alongside its community.


Consider starting with a staff meeting to review what your library does well in each category listed above.

Identify successful outreach events, programming, and learning opportunities taken by staff.

Use the Pathways Tracking Document to document your learning journey.